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Legal Hackers - Costa Rica

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Last week we held the re-launch event for the Costa Rican Chapter of Legal Hackers. It was wonderful to lead such a fun and adrenaline-filled event with co-organizers Mauricio París of ECIJA and María José Yglesias of ULACIT.

The event gathered more than 250 participants from all walks of life, with one common interest: the intersection of law and technology. The first session was an interview with Conan Hines from Clifford Chance, who spoke about his predictions for the future of law and technology, the different career paths that are available to curious and adventurous lawyers, and the skills that all lawyers should develop to remain competitive and relevant. So, light stuff.

Next, Daniel Acevedo from EY spoke about legal innovation, and offered different examples of interesting projects that are already revolutionizing how we work.

When planning this event, I was reluctant to delve into anxiety-inducing topics like the future of lawyers, the primacy of technology, and the uncertain times ahead, because COVID-19 has given us enough of that already. However, the key takeaway from this event - and the beauty of Legal Hackers - is that it highlights how technology can help us become better professionals and better versions of ourselves, without taking away our humanity. The magic happens when we find the optimal balance.

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